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A summary of my sheets over the last months. 1000 sprites in total.

1. 100 birds
2. 100 manga & anime sprites
3. 100 containers
4. 100 flowers
5. 100 foods
6. 100 foreground objects
7. 100 plants
8. 100 fungi
9. 100 glasswork objects
10. 100 tools

All in the style of my webcomic @

It took quite a while to make 10 of these bastards but I finally got there! 
I’ll probably take a small break from doing 100x item sheets, but I might do some 25-50 sized ones to keep up the habit. (after 50 is where the idea pump starts running rather dry for most sheets..)

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Making Of: Pixelarting & Animating the Demon.

Another pixelarted animation I’m doing for the “30 Days Monster Girl Challenge”. The Demon Girl! Here is the WIP!

The final result:

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the big list of pixel art tutorials by pixelprospector

pixel art tutorials

pixel art inspiration
pixel art forums
freelance guide
graphic style analysis
tutorials about glowy graphics

I’m gonna give this a proper looking through.

For all my followers but, mostly myself.

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